James Fox Higgins embarks on the production of his fourth solo studio album, "Logos Rising", after nearly 5 years without an original release. This is also the first of his albums to be dedicated to the glorification of Jesus Christ, and to openly share his nationalist political views. This is the Fox, unleashed.


Having successfully raised production funds with an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign over the months of May and June, James and his colleagues are now in full-tilt boogie production mode, tracking and mixing the whole album, following the July 4th release of "This is America 2020" - the hard-hitting first single from what promises to be one of the most powerful and controversial new albums of 2020.

Pre-order your copy now in your format of choice. All prices include worldwide shipping.


Slated for December release, 2020. Vinyl may come later, depending on production process and the state of international postage operations.


Available in MP3 (download), CD (shipped globally), & Vinyl (shipped globally) formats.

Logos Rising (Preorder)


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